Welcome to RM PRINTABLE TERRAIN, we’re a small studio located up in the Frozen North of Canada. We’re focused on creating 3D printed wargaming terrain for our favourite games that we’ve played over the many years like Frostgrave, The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game, Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar, Infinity, DnD, Killteams and bolt action.


I’ve been into Warhammer since I was 7, I wasn’t actually old enough to buy a starter set as it had an age requirement on it back when I started. I’ve always loved building, painting, and playing. One of my first projects I ever took on was a game board, made from a recycled door, lit by a hanging light bulb above a scrap of carpet in the basement to keep my feet from getting cold on the concrete. My display shelf, a trusty shelf that my father and I built out of 4” nails and reclaimed barn wood. From there though, my hobby only grew to massive display boards over 3 feet tall, to having designed and built over 10 complete boards of terrain, my office was often overcome with scraps of Styrofoam or lose flock was often tracked through the house stuck to my feet. I even won a few awards here and there for painting, terrain, and playing. But then, then I found 3D printers, and learned that they had come down in price to about the same cost as a foam cutting machine. I took a chance and ordered one from someone on a forum that I met who happened to live in China. About 4 weeks later it arrived, and I never looked back to making brick by brick for terrain. After learning how important leveling the bed was, and the need to have spare nozzles on hand was, I was hooked. The next problems were only where do I get the filament to run 24-7 (as I live in Canada), and, where will the next printer go?


Why we made the jump from just printing what was available, to creating our own was actually a fairly easy decision. We had a gaming group playing frost grave and we were excited for the update of Lord of the Rings, but all of the easily accessible terrain for it had just been discontinued. We turned to the usual 3D files sites, but all of the 3D printable ruins terrain didn’t really exist in the size, or the durability that we needed for late night gaming sessions. So I picked up a pen/pencil and paper and started drawing everything that I thought would be amazing to fight across/on/for on the tabletop. That’s how the concept of Stormguard (our first project and kickstarter) came to life, we reached out to an amazing sculptor, Iain Lovecraft to help make our ideas our reality. After an incredibly successful first Kickstarter we were hooked on the thrill of concepts and thoughts being created, printed, and shared around the world!


So now, RM PRINTABLE TERRAIN is heavily focused on making war gaming 3D printed terrain, for the gamer who plays a game and tosses their terrain in a box, or doesn’t have the space to keep their terrain on the table all the time, or who needs to tote their terrain to events.  Our starting goal was to make easy to print terrain, that looked amazing on the tabletop, that was easily accessible, and that you could fill a whole table without breaking the bank or needing to spend 30-40hrs making each and every brick by hand. Going forward our goals will stay the same, to make terrain that’s for gamers (both in game play and creating). Every time we see our terrain being used, or painted and shared, that’s really what the hobby was all about for us.